Destin Best in Travers?
Monday, August 22, 2016

Todd Pletcher’s once seemingly powerful army of 3-year-olds has pretty much disbanded, with some of the troops retreating from the battlefield, others spending time in sick bay, and two transferred to another outfit.

By mid to late March, Pletcher’s Kentucky Derby hopefuls included Zulu, Outwork, Destin, Gettysburg, Stradivari, Rally Cry, Mo Power, Donegal Moon, Azar, Prospectus, and Battery.

It is now Travers week and the only one left to contest the Midsummer Derby is Destin, a horse with a great deal of talent, but still not fully mature mentally on a consistent basis. In short, he has his good days, which are very good, and he has his off days, which still are good, but below what he is capable of.

All indications for Destin point to a good – no, make that very good – day in the Travers, and a chance to catch the Tampa Bay Derby winner and Belmont Stakes runner-up at an enticing price, especially in what looks to be an extremely wide-open full field.


Blood-Horse ~Steve Haskins
August 22, 2016
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